Sweetgrass Mist
Sweetgrass Mist

Sweetgrass Mist

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  • Locally Sourced and created
  • Elevate your well-being
  • Private accountability group

Introducing Our Sweetgrass Mist 

Infused with the delicate notes of sweetgrass, our mist carries a calming quality that washes over you, helping to melt away the stresses of the day. Let its gentle embrace soothe your mind and spirit.

Embued with the grounding essence of sweetgrass, our mist encourages a deeper connection to the present moment and the world around you. Allow its earthy undertones to anchor you, bringing a sense of balance and mindfulness to your day.

Whether you choose to envelop yourself in its calming embrace as a body mist or transform your living spaces into havens of tranquility, our Sweetgrass Mist adapts effortlessly to your needs. Elevate your daily rituals, meditation sessions, or simply refresh your surroundings with this versatile companion.

Ingredients: Sweetgrass infusion, distilled water, glycerin, Sweetgrass Oil

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