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Got Puffy Eyes? These Tips Will Help! 💙

Tips for Reducing Under-Eye Puffiness

Puffiness, considered a temporary condition...Shows it's puffy self within 2-4 hrs after waking!  Brought on by things like allergies, crying, yawning(who knew🤷🏽‍♀️) salty foods and good'ol sleep. 

How to Reduce and Prevent Under-Eye Puffiness

Sleep Habits:

1. Keep your Head Elevated while Sleeping

   Try sleeping on two pillows at night to help encourage proper fluid drainage to reduce unnecessary fluid build up come morning.

2. Sleep Well and No Yawning

   Try to sleep 7-8 hours each night. I know to some that's a dream but seriously sleep is so important for whole body health.  YAWNING 😲 I know weird right can cause under-eye puffiness. Yawning make the eye tear up and swell up, this excess fluid weakens elasticity under the eye..eye puffiness. So make sure you get a good nights rest.

3. Avoid Salty Foods at Night

   Salty Foods!  Sodium dense foods encorage water retention under the eyes. Drink lots of water to help flush your system. 

Morning Routine:

1. Shower in the Morning🌞

   While showering, Heat from the water dialates lympatic vessels which helps drain fluids, waste, and toxin that build up within the vessels. So by simply showering in am helps reduce puffiness.

2. Frozen Pea's!

   Or any frozen/cold compress. Gently apply cold compress to under eyes to constricts blood vessels, preventing the flow of fluid into the skin tissue. Other popular tools include, ice rollers, cryo tools and cooled gel mask.

3. Your Daily Eye Treatment.

   Use a lightweight eye treatment areound eyes.  Because applying thick eye treatments can actually cause puffy eyes. Why? The delicate skin around the eye doesn't absorb the eye cream all the way, because it's to thick, then travels directly into the eyes... puffiness happends. I personally use and recommend Good Earth Eye Balm.


   One of the biggest contribitors to under-eye puffiness (and eye bags) is allergy congestion.  This congestion can also cause dark circles. The best thing to do is find the best way to control your allergies.

P.s  A gentle eye massage can help as well. Move the tip of your ring finger in circular motion (like when applying your eye treatment). This also helps with dark circles.  Remember GENTLE, no hard tugging.