Filler Facial Treatment

Filler Facial Treatment

 Treatments can be booked online using the link below to our Vagaro page.

Filler Facial Treatment $250
Purchased in series: 4 treatments/$1000
Non-invasive and no needles! The Filler treatment is done throughout 4 weeks with 1 treatment per week. A special mask containing the same ingredients (sculptra) used in cosmetic injections for firming the face and filling in fine lines and wrinkles, leaving behind smoother, plump skin. This treatment also includes our LED anti-aging treatment. This famous red carpet facial has been seen in Harper's Bazaar and in the best skin care centers in Hollywood. One treatment can last for 6 weeks, a series of 4 treatments done a week apart can last for 5 months



    *All facial treatments are an in spa facial treatment. Located at 56 Library Road Akwesasne NY.


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