Arrowhead Facelift Ritual

Arrowhead Facelift Ritual

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The Arrowhead Facelift Ritual Kit is for those that are seeking toned, tightened skin! The unique combination will give you the results you are looking for FAST! We have combined Native American and Aesthetic knowledge, pressure points, massage techniques, face exercises, and our powerful Native Serum plus the amazing properties of the Arrowhead, to help you get tightened, toned, healthy glowing skin. 

This kit includes: Native Serum minimizes age spots, fights premature aging, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smooths inflamed skin. By using your Authentic Arrowhead sculpting tool you will encourage blood flow and detox the skin all while helping cell regeneration that strengthens and support your skin. Beauty Points Tutorial A video that walks you through specific holistic points to press that will improve skin health to refresh and revitalize your skin.  Arrowhead Massage Tutorial A video that teaches you how to use your Authentic Arrowhead sculpting tool will encourage blood flow and detox your face and neck to improve dull skin, dehydrated skin, and puffy skin, and skin healing. Face Exercise Tutorial A video that shows you a simple how-to perform a daily face exercise ritual to tighten and tone your face. **Important** You will get an email after purchase for all tutorials. 



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