In Mohawk, “Niawen” means “to give thanks” or ‘thank you.”

Hi! I’m Tara. creator of Niawen. And I’m giving thanks that you’re here to check out this skincare line.

To offer a little background, I’m from the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy. I created Niawen when I was recovering from cancer at age 37. So I was in a “giving thanks” frame of mind.

I was also looking to fill a need. One I felt deeply.  And — if you’re Native American like me, or spiritually tied to a culture that isn’t represented on the shelves of Sephora — I bet you’ve felt this need, too:

As a Native American, I couldn’t find any skincare products that were for me. No night cream, daily moisture, cleansers, serums or anything for glowing, beautiful skin had anything to do with my Mohawk roots or traditions. And those things are radically important to me.

I started researching. I went to spa conventions and manufacturing conventions. I toured labs.

I googled. And there was nothing. Not even in Native American casino spas!

So I knew I had to create Niawen….A line that fuses the best of nature and science (for incredible results) with the sacred power of our traditions (and their proven healing effects). 

So when you open and use a Niawen product, you’re not just getting proven beauty formulas.  You’re getting a connection to ancient Native American traditions– along with their vast benefits.

By the way,  my Mohawk name, “Tekahentakhwa” means “picking up,” or “holding the earth.”

I’m honored to have you gather here, and join me in holding the earth — conquer whatever is thrown at us — by taking part in the new tradition that is Niawen.

Our ancestors knew and used the spiritual healing medicinal uses of mother earth.  At Niawen we are honored to bring you Native American herbal legacy that live on thru each our products.

Honour the Earth…Choose Niawen Skin & Body

My secret? Niawen, of course.