Muscle Tightening Facial Treatment

Muscle Tightening Facial Treatment

Treatments can be booked online using the link below to our Vagaro page.

Muscle Tightening Facial Treatment
$225 (60 min)
Purchased in series: 12 treatments/$2295 or 6 treatments/$1350

This treatment uses the leading industry modalities incorporated specifically to treat your individual skincare concerns, needs, and goals. Using Advanced facial toning and tightening, increases muscle tone, increases collagen, and elastin oxygenates. This treatment is like having a personal trainer work your face muscles. Lift, firm, and tighten! All while having your jawline and jowls chiseled and contoured while lifting and depuffing the eye area. Giving your facial features a natural lift. Lifting and firming peptides infused in the skin and a customized serum infused mask to promote collagen and tightening of the skin. In addition this treatment also has parasympathetic effects on the body by stimulating the vagus nerve leading to relaxation and long-term improvements in mood, pain management, wellbeing and resilience. As well as enhancing healing at cellular levels, making this treatment key to healing the body. An alternative to botox. 

    *All facial treatments are an in spa facial treatment. Located at 56 Library Road Akwesasne NY.


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