Anti-Aging Light Therapy

Anti-Aging Light Therapy

Treatments can be booked online using the link below to our Vagaro page.

Anti-Aging Light Therapy

Total Series of $3525+ (You save $1125), 2 Treatments a week for 1st and 2nd week, then 1 treatment per week for remaining treatments. Skin tightening can last up to 2-4 years depending on your lifestyle. 

  • Neck $150 or Series 8 treatments/$1200 + 1 free bonus treatment. (Total Value $1350)
  • Decollete $150 or Series 8 treatments/$1200 + 1 free bonus treatment (Total Value $1350) 
  • Hands, Knees, Inner Thighs, Upper Arms, Stomach areas: Need to Consult

    *All facial treatments are an in spa facial treatment. Located at 56 Library Road Akwesasne NY.


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